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Search Engine Optimization Services


Why Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important things any business could do to generate more leads. Not being visible in Google is without a doubt costing your business exponentially. You are essentially letting your competition have all the new customers searching for you on Google.

How We Can Help Your Business

One of the services we provide at Redmond digital marketing agency is SEO or search engine optimization. In today’s world, most of the website traffic is limited only to the initial few search results in Google, with the rest being trickled down through the chain with less and less traffic falling to every website the further down you go. We specialize in knowing what it is that a person would be looking for when searching online for businesses like yours. Then we optimize and enhance your website to get it found for exactly that. One of the main reasons why this is so important is that if a website is not on the first page of Google it is as if the website does not exist at all. The amount of traffic that websites on the second page get is next to nothing and it is very hard for a business to survive on that. By hiring one of the top advertising agencies, you are not only ensuring the survival but the prosperity of your website. We will not only get you as close to the top as possible but we will be constantly working to keep you there, so you can flourish and make it to the top in your relevant industry.

Why hire us?

By Hiring a digital marketing expert, you will receive a greater return on investment with your online marketing strategy. Many businesses throw away thousands on online advertising in the hopes someone clicks on a banner advert. With SEO you are reaching your target audience that is actively searching for your business.

Our Formula For Ranking Success

  • First, we analyze the competition and the keywords your potential customers are searching for online when looking for services exactly like yours
  • We do a thorough evaluation of your website and make the correct changes in order for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to easily understand what it is that your business is about
  • We get you listed in Google my business, Apple Siri, and all other relevant directories
  • We then evaluate, analyze and optimize your social properties in order to give your website an added boost of authority
  • Then we get to work building up the authority of your website with quality and Google trusted links